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Ngo Registration of Important Documents in India
Posted: June 30, 2020 @ 12:56 pm
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FSSAI License for all Indian Restaurants safety license or FSSAI ensures that the food company obliges to the standard terms of the government and thus provides authentic food to its customers.Getting an FSSAI License is beneficial to the company as a company which is FSSAI Certified is more reliable which in turn improves its reputation. People are more inclined towards FSSAI approved companies.To apply for your business online with the help of experts in this field so that you don’t miss out on any details. Head to our website to consult an expert now!
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PSARA License - Mandatory for every private security agency License is issued to the private security agency of India. This License is regulated by the Govt. of INDIA. It is issued to those agencies that are in consonance with all the guidelines mentioned in this Act.An agency holding this License is more trustworthy and faithful in the eyes of potential customers and thus improves their credibility. Also, now you can apply for FSSAI License online with the help of Corpbiz. Head to the website for further details and benefits of getting a PSARA License approved for your company.
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Nidhi Company Registration Nidhi companies are formed for the sole purpose of providing finance/loan to the lower-middle-class people.Nidhi Company is a type of NBFC but it is incorporated only for the purpose of providing loan/finance to lower and middle-class level people.Its formation is quite easy.Reasons to consider venturing a Nidhi company –Ease of formality- incorporation of Nidhi Company is very easy.Ease of management- You don’t any higher authority permission to bring about any changes to the company.A Separate legal entity which means that in case of any losses to the company, the directors or the shareholders will not be personally liable to repay the debts.So consult an expert now and start your company on your own terms!
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FFMC - Mandatory license for forex traders in India License is essential to the money changing agents who deal with the exchange of foreign currency to Indian rupee. These agents must be authorized by the RBI to carry out these activities by getting a licit FFMC License.Without a legit License, no agent has got the right to proceed or advertise that they deal in money changing activities.Head to our website to get your license online Also, consult our experts on the matter and decide for the betterment.
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